Links for learning Windows Azure storage

Create an application that stores a file in Windows Azure storage.

How to Create a Storage Account for a Windows Azure Subscription.

How to Register a Custom Subdomain Name for Accessing Blobs in Windows Azure.

Configuring Storage Account Connection Strings.

Browsing Storage Resources with Server Explorer


Enumerating Blob Resources

Delete a Blob

CloudBlob Class

CloudBlobContainer Class

Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient Namespace

Windows Azure Storage Services REST API Reference


Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code

Microsoft’s Dan Wahlin has produced an excellent series of posts on “Techniques, Strategies and Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code“. These include using closures, the Prototype pattern, the Revealing Module Pattern (Dan’s favourite) and the Revealing Prototype pattern.

Dan also has a later post on Creating Multiple JavaScript Objects when using the Revealing Module Pattern.

Sometime, Dan gets things wrong in this series of posts and is corrected/advised by users in the comments. Dan always takes the comments on board and suggests ways to incorporate these thoughts and improve the code, or changes the code examples as a result of the feedback. Dan’s lack of ego and willingness to improve things adds more value to these pages – so make sure you read the comments!

Update: This series of blog posts is now available as a video course on Pluralsight.

Jimmy Cuadra has a nice tip on organizing your JavaScript code into simple namespaces here. This article also includes an idea for handling the “this” context when using the JavaScript prototype pattern (by emulating the Prototype.js library’s bind() function). Jimmy suggests the bind() function, while messy looking, may become an ECMAScript standard in v5.

Essential JavaScript Design Patterns – Addy Osmani. This is a fantastic, free, online ebook. Very much respected and very up to date (at the time of writing). This is Volume 1.5. Addy says he is working on Volume 2.

JavaScript Programming Patterns – Another great reference, with useful advice, from Klaus Komenda

Using Microsoft Windows Azure to Host Web Services and Apple Push Notifications for your iOS Apps.

Windows Azure is looking like an excellent choice for hosting web data and services for mobile apps. Much work is being done by Microsoft to support the hosting of services for the iPhone and iPad (as well as Windows Phone and Android). This even includes support for hosting an Apple Push Notification Service provider. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a definitive guide for this – and it is evolving all the time. Anyways, here’s some links to the best resources I’ve been able to find on the web.

April 14, 2011

Video from Mix11: Developing iPhone and iPad Apps that Leverage Windows Azure – Simon Guest.
Demonstrates uploading an image to Blob storage, inserting a row in Azure table storage and (too briefly) using the Apple Push Notification (APN) service.

Here’s a link to a blog post and the code from the above presentation.

21 Apr 2011

Simon Guest. Using Apple Push Notifications from Windows Azure. This is the only page I have found, so far, where actual code is shown!

May 9th 2011

Blog entry on MSDN about the new release of the IOS Toolkit for Windows Azure.

Video: Deploying the Cloud Ready Packages for Devices

May 11 2011

Wade Wegner Video on “Getting Started with the Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS

Jul 25 2011

Vittorio Bertocci’s Video on “Using the Windows Azure Access Control Service in iOS Applications

Aug 31 2011

Wade Wegner “Windows Azure Toolkit for Devices“. Demo of v1.2.1 of the iOS Toolkit for Azure.

Finally, here are the links to the associated files in GitHub:

Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS (Library)

Cloud Ready Package for Azure